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N₂O – Laughing Gas

Gas sedation is available at Greenhill Family Dentistry to help you feel relaxed during your dental treatment. This popular type of dental sedation is inhaled through your nose, giving you a sense of euphoria and calm during your treatment. Dr. Curtis Abercrombie and our team use “laughing gas”, at our Florence, AL practice to help patients ease their dental anxieties and undergo complex procedures more comfortably. Dentists have been using this safe and effective sedation technique for decades. Many of our patients appreciate using gas as sedation because it requires no needles and wears off quickly, allowing you to get back to your regular activities in no time. Contact our office today to learn more about how to schedule a consultation with Dr. Abercrobmie at Greenhill Family Dentistry.

Understanding How Gas Sedation Works

Laughing Gas is a colorless gas that creates a happy, calm feeling in patients when inhaled. If you opt for it during one of your procedures, we will administer it through a mask. As you inhale oxygen and the gas mixture through your nose, you will gradually become more relaxed. It usually takes effect in about five minutes, at which point Dr. Abercrobmie will begin your dental procedure. Although you will most likely feel very serene and slightly groggy while breathing in the gas, you will still be able to communicate with Dr. Abercrobmie and follow his instructions, since you will not be unconscious. This sedative does not numb your mouth, so we will still need to use local anesthesia for more intensive treatments. However, we can administer the local anesthesia once you are already under sedation, making it much easier. If you’ve any more questions or concerns please contact the staff at Greenhill Family Dentistry.